Trust In Our Professional Bespoke Fabrication In The UK

A project has to rest its weight upon a number of shoulders from start to finish. When it comes to creating a large-scale product, there is a reliance on trust and experience from the team you choose. If you’re searching for a team who can offer you a wide range of bespoke fabrication options, you’re in the right place.

Our team at Oldham Engineering have become a leading cog in the creation of a number of products because of our huge floor space, monumental fabrication capabilities and our exceptional quality control. If you’re looking to invest your trust in a professional bespoke fabrication company such as ours at Oldham Engineering, you’ll want to know what we can offer.

Why is our bespoke fabrication is trusted by companies large and small in the UK?

  • Fabrication handling: Our factory space and our materials allow us to take on projects that weigh up to 45 tonnes using our dual lift capabilities.
  • A range of sectors: The nuclear, sub-sea, aerospace and defence industries trust in Oldham Engineering for bespoke fabrication suited to their every need.
  • Batch engineering: If you’re looking for a bespoke fabrication process that can be repeated over and over, we’re best placed to help your company.

Make sure to speak to our team at Oldham Engineering to get a quote for your job.