Offshore & Subsea

Oldham Engineering are Members of the following, internationally recognised Offshore & Subsea bodies.

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Examples of Equipment processed by Oldham Engineering in the Offshore & Subsea Industry include;

A-Frame Ship Cranes

In 2010 Oldham Engineering Ltd. manufactured an A-Frame crane for a Ship operating in the Oil & Gas Industry. The fabricated crane is shown below.

Travelling Clamps

Oldham Engineering has manufactured Travelling Clamps for Offshore applications.


Oldham Engineering has manufactured Valves for offshore applications. They also have manufactured valves in a number of different materials including super duplex and Inconel 625 clad.


Oldham Engineering has manufactured a variety of Pistons for a number of industrial applications.


Oldham Engineering has manufactured various skids with complex pipework to exacting standards, for a variety of difficult and demanding industrial applications.

Bend Stiffeners

Oldham Engineering has manufactured Bend Stiffeners for the Oil drilling string.

Sea Anchors

Sea Anchors or Female Ball Breakers as they are sometimes called, have been manufactured by Oldham Engineering.

Subsea Auger

Subsea Auger for mining minerals on the sea bed

Male Ball and Taper Mooring Connectors

Oldham Engineering have manufactured a variety of Male Ball and Taper Mooring Connectors (Sea Anchors) for the Subsea industry, from 300mm diameter x 3m long to 100mm diameter x 1m long.

Tether Clamps

Oldham Engineering has manufactured and tested Tether clamps for an Offshore platform.

Cable Laying Equipment

Oldham Engineering has manufactured and assembled cable laying equipment for a Subsea application in the UK. 

Guide Frame Lower Plates (Christmas Tree Base)

Oldham Engineering has manufactured and machined SSPE Guide Frame Lower Plates for the Offshore Industry. These are part of a Christmas Tree arrangement.

Cable Tensioners

In 2012, Oldham Engineering supplied two sets of components for Cable Tensioning Equipment, for two Offshore applications.

Gas Measurement Equipment

In 2006/2007 Oldham Engineering supplied Gas Measurement Equipment (Measure master) assembly for a UK client in the Offshore industry. The scope of supply was full Turnkey, involving manufacture and assembly.

Tanker Ship Swivels

In 2012, Oldham Engineering manufactured, assembled and tested Tanker Ship Swivels. The Swivel sits on the base of the tanker ship and allows the ship to align itself to the current / waves whilst pipework runs through its centre. 

Oil Rig Link Assemblies

In 2012, Oldham Engineering supplied precision machined fabrications and sub-assemblies for many sets of Oil Rig leg link brace assemblies.

Subsea Mining Frames

In 2012 Oldham Engineering manufactured a number of large frames for under water mining equipment that was designed to extract minerals 1 mile beneath the ocean surface.

Subsea ROV Torque Tool Assembly

In November 2012, OEL manufactured and assembled a new innovative Subsea Torque Tool (API 17D Class 1-4) for an Remote Operating Vehicle (ROV) application. The assembly was over 1.5m long.