The majority of Governments around the world have made clear plans to include Nuclear power as part of their future energy supply mix.

Oldham Engineering is one of only a handful of companies in the Nuclear Industry sector who is recognised as a key supplier to this market. Oldham work with clients in both Nuclear Decommissioning and New Build projects and has excellent experience at meeting the stringent and demanding quality assurance regimes required by the industry. The company is an associate member of the NAMRC and has invested in the latest machine tool technology and inspection equipment to enable it to continue supplying premium quality products to this industry sector. Below are some examples of equipment that Oldham Engineering has manufactured for the Nuclear Industry. Oldham Engineering is fully committed to the NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) supply chain charter and proudly displays the logo to reflect this.


Nuclear Decommissioning Structures

OEL manufacture of structural steel facility for the R2 & R3 projects.

Lead Lined Man Capsule

OEL has manufactured Lead Lined Man Capsule for the Nuclear Industry


Flush Water Skid

OEL has manufactured Flush Water Skids for the Nuclear Industry. The Skid was approximately 10 sqm in area and was a complex assembly comprising of Pipework and associated Filters, Valves, Switches and electrical assemblies together with a fluid storage cabinet mounted, all on a platform skid, as shown below.


Box Transfer & Bogie

OEL has manufactured a Box Transfer & Bogie for the Nuclear Industry.


Nuclear Shield Seal Hatch

OEL has manufactured Nuclear Shield Seal Hatch for the Nuclear Industry.

Robotic Structure

OEL has manufactured a Robotic Structure for the Nuclear Industry


Decommissioning Equipment

OEL has manufactured Decommissioning Equipment for the Nuclear Industry.


Element Guide Tubes

OEL has manufactured Element Guide Tubes for the Nuclear industry.


Gamma Gates

OEL has manufactured Gamma Gates for the Nuclear Industry.


Graphite Handling & Shielding

OEL has manufactured a range of components for Graphite Handling & Shielding for the Nuclear Industry. Some examples are shown below.


Nuclear Vent Covers

Nuclear vent covers manufactured by Oldham Engineering.


Oldham Engineering is well placed to share in the Nuclear Industries growth over the next decade, as it has many years of experience in the sector and proudly holds approved supplier status at many of the key contract supply companies to the market.